Window Tint

Power tint solar safety window tint film tinting for reducing heat, glare, fading and making glass safer in  factories, homes and cars, is now available direct to consumers in the Gauteng area. Up until now window tint  film has been an expensive item. However, Power tint is now offering higher performing products at much lower prices.

This opens new doors and windows for the consumers in South Africa to now be able to afford this high tech  energy saving product which is being used worldwide to turn ordinary glass into high performance solar and  safety glass. Its is very important in keeping people cool and comfortable in their spaces and also to make glass shatter resistant in the event of breakages.



Prevent the heat from entering through the windows of your home, office or car by as much as 91%, reducing interior temperatures to a more stable comfort zone.


All window tint  films are made of polyester and adhere to windows turning them into shatterproof glass, preventing glass from shattering and adding protection against stone-throwers.


Power tint keeps spaces cooler by reducing the use of air-conditioning and saving of energy.


Power tint stops fading of carpets and curtains by reducing ultra violet by 99%. Also prevents dash and vinyl seat backs from cracking in vehicles.


Power tint sun control window film once applied to your glass, stops up to 88% of the sun’s glare, giving your office, home and car the most effective pair of sunglasses you could ask for.


Let us help you create something beautiful!

We can give your front door or skylight panels a decorative look, create a sensational bathroom screen or  create an attractive room divider with a designer look at a very affordable price!

We have styles that resemble etched or frosted glass in numerous colour options. Combined with the option  to trim the film into shapely works of art, decorative tinting is a decorators dream.

We have a wide range of styles so your design can be as creative as your own imagination!

Why should I use decorative tinting?

Use decorative window tinting to spice up interior spaces, create glass dividers, and add unique beauty to interior and exterior windows that don’t require solar protection.

Decorative tinting is perfect for conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, homes, private offices, and glass partitions.

Decorative tint can easily be removed when you’re ready for a new pattern or graphic effect, so you can re-decorate at any time.

For more information on our window tint services, contact us.

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