Power Solar Tint

Specializing in window tinting

Power Tint is a window tinting company that specialising in flat glass. We tint Offices, Homes & factory. We have been around since 2006. Our services has touched many and we strive to continue for many years to come.

We tinted thousands of square meters.

We have 5 to 10 years Guarantee Products.

There are many reasons for the property owners to invest in window tinting.

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We also decorate the glass with a vinyl film. We design to your requirement. Company logo’s, pattern designs for board rooms, staircase glass and bathroom windows. This will provide you with the privacy you need and still retain the light you like..

Our product is imported from Florida U.S.A & the lifespan is up to 10 years. No peelings & bubbles.

We give free quotations. Special rates are given to pensioners

(We design & fit the sandblasting vinyl on shop front, stair case windows & front entrances doors. Also using the same vinyl for bathroom windows & shower doors for privacy)

01.Protecting your home interior:

  • Furniture
  • Carpets 
  • Blinds 
  • Expensive art work 
  • Wooden floors.

02.To protect from:

  • Harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays 
  • Heat Control 
  • Glare. 
  • Privacy in your home or offices. 
  • Prevent for skin cancer.

Once you installed the Solar Film you have a peace of mind for a long time.

Colors are available in numbers and different shades to accommodate your needs.

Power Solar Tint, Signage & Logo’s

Logos are also done on request at all times. All you need to do is to forward  the logo or art work to us on carol file or suitable PD File .

We can do any design on that also.

  • Our prices are very competitive
  • Our professional installation is quick and hassle FREE.
  • All workmanship is guaranteed and life spends on our product it last for 
  • years.(10Years Maximum)
  • We are 100% Mobile

If you would like to find out more about our window tint, please contact us!

We window tint

Private Homes

Colours available in

Silver Reflective
Grey Reflective
Bronze Reflective
Grey none reflective
Bronze non reflective
Charcoal & much more to choose from!!!

Buildings Private Homes Industrial Reasons for tinting

Heat Control
UV Rays Control
Sun Protection (Glare)
Office Decor (sandblast Vinyl)

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